A Simple OMGPOP coin hack

The fact that you’re reading this article is clear.  Of course, you’re wondering how to earn more coins in Omgpop without going through all the trouble of playing all those games for and win.  I’m not here to disappoint you.  There’s a simple and proven way to cheat and get as much coins as you want.  Technically, it’s not really a hack.  However, it’s still a cheat so it’s pretty close to a hack.  Well, enough with this and on to the cheat.

This cheat works for ‘Fourplay’.  I’m sure you know that by simply watching the ad, you get an additional 50 coins, right?  So start off by creating a ‘Fourplay’ game.  The game has to be private.  Of course, this means that you won’t be playing with anybody, but the computer.   Forget the amount for the bet because it does not matter at all.  Now, watch that ad to get +50 coins.  After that, press Play Alone.  Of course, you’ll end up having a match with the computer.  You have to lose to the computer.  It doesn’t matter, anyway, because you can’t really win or lose coins when you’re up against the computer.  After the computer wins, watch that ad again to add another +50 coins.  You’ve probably noticed that you won a hundred coins by playing up against the computer and losing.  After that, simple repeat the process until you’re satisfied.

omgpop coin hackThere are other ways of winning coins.  The amounts of coins you win are larger.  However, these methods are more complicated and they’re not a sure way of winning some coins.  You can download some programs for hacking or something like that.  However, I advise you to follow the simple coin cheat mentioned above.  An additional 50 coins may not look much, but if you keep on repeating this process you can earn up to 1 000 coins or even more!  I have gained +2000 coins by simply doing this again and again.  Of course, if you spend more time doing it, you’re sure to win a lot more.

Another reason why I’m urging you to follow this method is there are a lot of so-called ‘hackers’ that claim that they have discovered coin hacks.  You can spend hours following these methods, but many of them don’t work at all.  This method, however, is a sure way to win some coins.  It’s simple and easy and you don’t have to go through all those complicated and technical stuff.

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