OMGPOP Pool Review

What is omgpop?

OMGPOP is a free, multiplayer (social) gaming site that has about more than twenty flash games (and still adding more new interesting games). What is so interesting with this site, aside from being FREE is that it is interactive.  Users/players can create their own user profile, meet friends or just hang out with old acquaintances and play.

You can see your score and your opponent’s scores. You can also chat with other players. The gaming rules is good as well, you just be nice to other players.  Once you have signed up, you can have points wherein you can use to buy objects for your player.

The games are quite simple but require your ability to think fast. Over all, the site reviews consider this site as GREAT and a MUST join site.


omgpop poolOMGPOP Pool game is one of the top 5 OMGPOP games. OMGPOP Pool can be played all over yahoo sites. It is easy play. All you have to do is to click your mouse and hold it while dragging. Just let go if you what to shoot the ball.


OMGPOP Pool rates about 4.5 out of 5 stars reviews. It is a fun easy game wherein you can play with your friends. Some OMGPOP Pool players even came up with a Pool tournament online. It is said to be addictive because you can win coins if you win the game.

There are also bet games, like other games of OMGPOP, if you want to have more coins at OMGPOP Pool game. The fun part is that you can post your Pool victories at Facebook. Once you have earned points (in this case coins) you can purchase objects at the Pool Shop. OMGPOP Pool is a great way to practice your Pool skills in your real life Pool games.

The only bad thing is that your opponent might go out for some time and you have to wait a long time. Your game levels as well may be of disadvantage if you are in a lower level and you have to play with a higher level player.


OMGPOP Pool games are non-violent games recommended to be played for a really nice, general patronage set up. OMGPOP Pool is also a relaxing game you can play with your friends with. You can set up a tournament and win lots of coins (points).

Over all, as long as played after school and in a proper responsible way, it is fun to play OMGPOP Pool and a MUST game you need to try in the internet. For this, OMGPOP Pool game must be given an all 5 stars.

  1. :grin: I love pool Great challenging game

  2. Can you please explain why I am at level 14,when I was at level 27

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